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Eco-friendly Textile Design

by Chiara Terzoli

Personally, my Eco-friendly way of designing means using technology to create Hi-Tech collections in a totally digital version, which can easily be purchased online. In this way, printing chemicals, animal exploitation, the reduction of CO2 impact on the environment and the drastic cut down of the waste of natural resources such as water can be achieved. This is why I thought of FRAME as a completely digital design studio.The aim is to encourage my clients to use technology, buying exclusively online, saving time, and resources.

FRAME is officially approved from VeganOk.

VeganOk is the most widespread standard in Italy which guarantees the consumer precise ethical and environmental characteristics. It therefore ensures that FRAME offers a completely cruelty free and environmentally friendly service.


FRAME is a creative textile design studio with a strong focus on conversational and floral prints.

At FRAME I offer these services:

Online print collection,

shop my online collection or contact me to arrange a viewing.

Custom design,

tell me what you are searching for and I can help you achieve it.